4 Peaks Gran Fondo

Transition Zones are designated by Orange Squares

Transition Zones are as follows:

  1. Peak 1 to Peak 2 Transition Zone is just before the turn to head back up towards Scout Mountain.  It's on the right hand side of the road.  There is a pull off.  This area is prone to loose rock, so please be careful as you come into the Transition Zone.  Parking for this transition zone is down at the Cherry Springs Campground which is about 1 mile down the hill from the Transition Zone. 
  2. Peak 2 to Peak 3 Transition Zone is back at the Inkom City Park.  The rest of the 4 Peaks riders will be hanging a right onto the highway and heading towards Pebble, but for Relay Riders, the Transition Zone is in the City Park.  There will be plenty of signs.  Parking for this Transition Zone is at the City Park.
  3. Peak 3 to Peak 4 Transition Zone is at the LDS Church on Jackson Creek Road.  There is plenty of parking at the Church.   

 Here's how it works:

When you sign up, you'll select the Team Relay Event.  You can have either a 2 Person or 4 Person Relay.  The team with the overall lowest cumulative climb times wins!  Remember to designate a good team name, something like The Terrible Tail Wind Warriors (please keep them PG as we may have to announce your team at the awards ceremony). 

Here's the rules:

  1. Timing chip must be worn by one member of your team at all times.
  2. Transitioning is only to happen in dedicated Transition Zones.
  3. Timing chip must be worn by one member of the team (while on cycling) on all 4 sections of the course.
  4. Total time does not count, so downhill speeds should be reasonable to ensure the safety of other uphill riders.

Returning for 2017 is the Team Relay!  Have what it takes to do a couple of the peaks, but not feeling all of them?  Do you and your crew have what it takes to win the whole thing and come home with the prize?  Then the Team Relay is for you!

Transition Zones

 Team Relay