4 Peaks Gran Fondo

    Returning for 2018 is the addition of the Valley Ride and the Team Relays!  The addition of these three options allow for riders of all skill levels to join in the fun. 

    2018 Ride Options

    Join us in 2018 for the third annual 4 Peaks Gran Fondo.  The most challenging Gran Fondo in Southeast Idaho.  Will you "Rise to the Challenge?"

    This cycling event is not run as a sanctioned race, as a majority of the riders will be participating for the enjoyment of riding a designated route through beautiful Pocatello and Inkom scenery with their friends and teammates.

    That said, as any serious cyclist knows, there is also satisfaction with not only completing an epic ride but with comparing your times with other riders afterward. The hill climb portions of the event will be timed.  The Valley Ride will not be a timed event.  However,safety is paramount on this ride, as we will be riding open, narrow, mountain roads.  The downhill portions of the event ARE NOT TIMED.  4 Peak riders' cumulative start to finish times ARE NOT TIMED.  There is no prize for finishing the entire 4 Peaks Grand Fondo first.    There are prizes for QOM/KOM cumulative climb times for each of the categories.  The Valley Ride is a for-fun ride and is not timed. 

    The committee developed this ride in an effort to showcase the amazing category 2 climbs and riding we have in and around Pocatello and Inkom and to see who had the legs to battle all 4 peaks!