4 Peaks Gran Fondo

Week of the Event!!!

Welcome riders!  Just a quick note to talk about the event!  

First, we hope you are ready for a fantastic day of riding in the most beautiful country side SE Idaho has to offer!  You are about to embark on one of the most challenging and rewarding rides in the country!  Some things to note, if you or your friends are not already signed up, then get there!  Online registration closes 08/19 @ 10:59 am.  If you miss that, there is in person registration Friday night at packet pickup, or Saturday morning at the event (see timeline below). 

Second, remember that the timing of the event is for the hill climbs ONLY.  Cumulative hill climb times are combined for overall KOM/QOM, 2nd and 3rd places.  Since the flats and rollers are not timed, utilize this time to rest and recover.  The timed hill climbs start and end where the timing equipment is stationed.  It should be approximately where it was located last year.  Please note that the Crystal Summit Climb #1 does not start until you pass Scout Mountain section, so it is a good 20 miles + up to the start of the first climb with some decent climbing beforehand.  

Third, there is a finisher's medal at the finish line.  If you are in a relay, PLEASE RIDE THROUGH THE FINISH LINE TOGETHER AS A TEAM SO YOU CAN COLLECT YOUR MEDALS TOGETHER AS A TEAM.

Fourth, for the safety of all the riders that will be climbing and descending that day, please stay in your appropriate lane, watch for traffic (both vehicular and animal) as this is not a closed course.  This is an area where you will likely see deer and/or moose.  For the sake of the other riders, the volunteers, and the other people/animals frequenting these roads, please keep your speed under control so that we can continue this ride without incident.  
New last year and back again is the Valley Ride and the Relay options.  The Valley ride is a great way to experience the event and enjoy the scenery!  The Relay option is perfect for those that want to ride, but are more comfortable doing 1, 2, or 3 peaks in a relay format.  

Relay Riders - the relay team must have had at least one rider ride every mile of the course.  Theoretically, the first relay rider would roll out of the start at Inkom, and head up towards Crystal Summit.  The transition zone is the slate rock pit on the right hand side of the road about 500? before you turn off Crystal and go back up Scout.  The timing company has said there will be a chip on each rider, so there will be no timing chip to pass from one rider to the next.  

The next rider will ride up Scout Mountain and into the Inkom City Park finish line.  The first two riders will have quite a bit of the flats as they will be going out from Inkom to the Crystal/Scout area, and then back from those areas to Inkom again.  They will then trade to the 3rd rider who will ride from Inkom City Park to the top of Pebble, finishing on the LDS Church located at 150 Snow Peak Boulevard.  The 4th rider will then leave the transition zone and head up Buckskin.  When completed, the team should rally back at the transition zone, and finish the race as a team.  

Parking for the relay riders will be located at Cherry Springs Campground (about 1 mile to the east of the transition zone).  There is a decent size parking lot and there will be someone on staff to direct traffic for the safety of the riders.  The second transition zone parking will be at the start/finish at Inkom City Park.  The third transition zone parking is in the church parking lot.  
Lunch will be provided for all riders (you will get a wrist band for a free meal and non-riders can purchase their meals as well) and there is a great awards ceremony at 2:00 pm (note that support ends at 3:00 pm). 

The Idaho Central Credit Union Green Machine will roll out at 7:00 at 20 mph (or so) and will lead the riders for about the first ten miles or so so the riders are pacing correctly.  This part is not timed, but it is important to stay together as a group until the first climb starts.  The Green Machine will signal as they are pulling ahead up the mountain and will be at the top of Crystal Summit.  At the time they pull off, the group is OK to go ahead and ride at their own pace.   

We have a special donation recipient from the proceeds of this year's ride - Idaho Interscholastic Cycling League which helps put together the state wide high school cycling clubs. 



10:59 am - Online Registration Closes
5:00- 8:00 pm - In person registration/packet pickup/spaghetti feed at Barrie?s Ski and Sports, 624 Yellowstone Ave, Pocatello, ID 83201. 


 6:00 am - In person registration at Inkom City Park, Park St (just behind Village Mart 190 Highway 30 E, Inkom, ID 83245).
 7:00 am - Relay and 4 Peak riders roll out.
 9:30 am - Valley Riders roll out. 
 11:00 am - Lunch vendors arrive
 2:30 pm - 4 Peaks Gran Fondo Awards Ceremony
 3:00 pm - End of support for ride

Thank you for riding with us this year!

-4 Peaks Gran Fondo Committee